Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Oh the sweet, sweet taste.

Ms Savanna Samson wasn't quite fulfilled in her career as an adult movie star, so she decided to do something extra.

And surprise, surprise, it actually turned out to be a good wine!
"I never wanted to just do gimmick. That would just happen with me being a porn star, me having a photographer shoot the label, how risque could I get on the label -- all those things," Samson, the stage name for 31-year-old Natalie Oliveros, said in an interview.
Well from what I can see of the label, not too much, I mean, no nipples or anything!
The seriousness of the idea was lining up a respected wine maker. So she convinced Italy's Robert Cipresso -- also a vintner to the Vatican to join the project.
And when the proposal was given to him he said "sure, make wine for a porn star? Why not?"
The result is Sogno Uno, a 2004 vintage of an Italian red wine packaged under the Savanna name with a label of Samson in a see-through gown. It was launched last month.
The perfect thing for your next sophisticated soiree. Just don't serve it with lamb or fish, trust me, I know from trusted sources, they don't go with red wine. I was told this by someone I would have thought was gay if I wasn't fucking him.
Just something Yahoo news felt was necessary to place in the middle of the article.
Samson is one of the biggest names in pornography, having won best actress in the Adult Video News Awards (AVN), the pornographic equivalent of the Oscars.
And highly respected awards they are too.
The wine "really represents who I am," said Samson.
I bet it does baby.
"There's spiciness -- the Cesanese has the naughty side of me. And yet it's an elegant wine. I love the opera, and I'm a classically trained ballet dancer. And there is some chocolate undertone, which I just love. There's a little bit of sweetness. Like, 10 percent of the time I'm sweet," she said.
I'm not even going there.
Samson, who was raised Catholic in upstate New York, said it was pure coincidence that Cipresso also sells wines to the Vatican. She met him through her husband, a wine merchant.
Oh I'm sure he admires your faith.
Still, she never had her parent's blessing for her career choice as an adult movie star. "They were so devastated. They were terribly, terribly upset."
Yeah parents have a weird way of disapproving of porn. But still, being a booze merchant fits in pretty well with a good Catholic family, they would be proud of you now.


Chymera said...

Now I see where the similar posts come from. You and I seem to run in the same electronic circles.

Catholic wine merchant and porn-star wife; sounds like a bad gangster movie.

As usual I would like to commend your ability to take an issue that could easily be "smutted" and treating it in a tasteful manner. Bravo.

I especially like your test for sexual preferance. But if there is a misconception about wine knowledge and orientation then I think I may finally have an explanation for the way I am occasionally treated: but it's so hard to be macho and pick a wine at the same time, unless you are trying to decide on the ones with caps instead of corks.

Don said...

I have the greatest admiration for people, especially women, who flying in the face of their families and restrictive social conventions, embark on careers of this kind. She obviously knows what she likes and what she wants: loads of money; an endless stream of fit, well-equipped lovers (you don't get into the porn business if you haven't got extroadinary staying power); and, I'm guessing here, the empowerment and/or sexual thrill engendered from exhibiting one's body. How does that compare with being a typist, a waitress, or even a high-powered executive? Ironically, I bet she's played all these parts throughout her career). Now she's embarking on a business venture exploiting her renown. Good luck to her!