Tuesday, March 07, 2006

101 things to do with cats

I got 2 rather strange visitors today, one was searching for "dancing aggressive cat" and the other for "cat shaving behavioral". What on earth does it all mean? I hope they found what they were looking for.

I went to a casting yesterday evening. Only a student film, nothing to get too excited about. The script was rather ordinary, a couple of young women talking about men and bitching about each other, but in the right hands it could make a decent little film. Of course, with student filmmakers, actors like me, and a limited budget it will probably turn out to be a piece of shit, like most student films.

I don't think I auditioned terribly well, my acting was pretty cheesy, but so were the other girls who played the scene with me. I have no idea how likely I am to get a part. I don't know how many women auditioned, or how good they were. I don't know if they're looking for particular types or particular looks. The only physical descriptions are where one of the women is described as skinny, so I won't be playing that role, and another one is described as having a huge ass, a possibility there for me which is good because it's the main role.

So I may be playing a fat assed bitchy 20-30 year old woman in a cheesy student film this weekend. Wish me luck! The pay isn't much but apparently the food will be good.


Denny Shane said...

and to think we all knew you when you had a huge ass... ;)

Don said...

Discussing strange search words and phrases, and how they came to pick up your blog, is an inexhaustable topic, and much fun. It's best though, to appreciate its meaningless nature, and not take it too seriously. In your case for instance, it may be the case that you dance occasionally, but you're never agressive. And I've zoomed into some of your pics and found no evidence of stubble. All looks beautifully smooth, so obviously, "shaving'" is not relevant to you [insert blank stare emoticon]. In my case, I often get the words, "tosser", "fuckwad", and "retard" in the search phrase. In fact, all of my hits are a result of these three words. But it's okay, as I know, it's meaningless. Isn't it?

I see you're in fine, self-effacing mood today, which is cool. I do it all the time, so I know it's not as meaningful as some would suppose. Anyway, I won't patronise you, saying, "no, no, Mutie, I'm sure you're acting is brilliant, and I'm sure your ass is the mostest". No, I'll speak of things I do know.

I've noticed when these opportunities come along, you're there. There's never any talk of "Oh, I wanted to go, but I was too busy", or, "would you believe it, I had a prior appointment elsewhere". No, you're there, pitching with the rest of them, in arguably, the most competitive profession on this planet. Now that is fucking admirable. You've got bigger balls than I have Mutie (figuratively speaking... I hope). If I had a hat on, I'd take it off to you, so to speak.

As for your body parts, I can't speak of that which I've never seen. All I can say is, and I've wanted to use this in a comment for awhile now - I cannot know if you live up to the callipygian ideal (smug), but the rest of you more than passes muster.

So there.

Michelle said...

Speaking of strange search terms, today someone found me by looking up "mutant families of real life". Who are these people?

Thanks for the encouragement, but by this point it doesn't look like I've been chosen for a role, boo fucking hoo. It's typical though, I'm used to it.

Denny Shane said...

I am more than confident you didn't get picked because of your acting abilities... I'm positive it was because you didn't have a huge, slobbering ass... I imagine yours as being just right... kissable so to speak... lickable... caressable... geez, I better stop right here.