Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday again..

They do seem to come around often, not as often as Mondays, but they do show up a fair bit. I can't really make as big a deal about Friday as normal people do.. I mean, never really having um.. worked. Well not never but close enough to never to casually call it never. I always felt a bit of the vibe off the regular folk when Friday came around however.. and since living with a person with a real job, it's been more important to me, but still.

Now I have a job. I work. Did I mention I'm a worker now? Hard worker.. almost like a real person. Well.. I work weekends! Not all weekends, but sometimes on the weekend and usually at least one of the days that incorporate the weekend, including Friday, seeing I work nights it kinda counts. This weekend was originally going to be the one weekend this month I had free, no tour Friday, none on Saturday.. and nothing at all on Sunday.

Then more scripts and more tours came along.. and there was training which always happens on the weekends.. and it turned out I had the test of this new tour on a Sat and Sun.. nooooooooooooo.. I screamed.. no fair!!!!

Then I realized it was for Friday and Saturday, which was slightly less noyin. Well now I'm working tomorrow night which is a slight improvement on losing (some of) my Saturday eve due to training/test because I at least get paid for this, but still.

I do however (as of writing) have Sunday free. Guess I can be holy and stuff.

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