Sunday, May 08, 2011

Weekends are good.

They're especially good when you don't have to actually you know.. work, or do tons of other stuff on the days that are allocated as weekends for the general population.. as I had to yesterday *makes frowny face*

I know.. waaaa.. lots of people work on the weekends, and I do precious little the rest of the week.. but I kind of like the deal where you do precious little if anything most of the week ie "the working week", but without the headaches that come along with not actually doing a whole lot but having a few stresses about it all the same oh shit it's a long story just go with me here.. and actually making really good money for it... it being, not much at all, with no related stresses..

and still getting a weekend, that is not working Saturday, Sunday or public holidays.. and getting a few weeks holiday on top of that.. where you somehow get miraculously paid anyway..

is it too much to ask? Yeah.. I spose. Anyway.. one thing I did yesterday was quite relaxing and an artistic thing so I should be well pleased with that.. and my tour went well.. and by well I mean considering I had someone translating all through it, and those people took off before the end of the tour, someone else making notes, a guy who just had a glazed over totally bored look on the face who came across someone he knew so stopped us even though I was running a bit late.. and the owner followed the tour to see how I'm getting on... it went ok. At least she thought so and that's the main thing. So that's good. I can halfway relax for a while.. until I have another 3 hour tour, the Castle tour which I'm still new at and a bit rusty on the material which is Tuesday but you know the life of us workers is a constant grind. Long after regular folk have gone home from their work.. and on weekends even.. I'm out there, walking over hills, taking people into dangerous and haunted places.. but I don't complain, it's just what I do.

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