Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I hate to whine but.


Every little fucking thing has to be so fucking difficult! And yeah, it is little things. Well one thing is a big thing.. some ridiculous debt that some fucking company insists I owe which is a total mistake but they will not own it.. and who fucking knows what will come of it.. but whatever.. I'm here to talk about little things, insignificant things.. things that don't matter and it's a waste of breath and or finger strength to pay attention to..

Ok so I tried to get a monthly pass for public transport right? I stupidly thought I'd just go to the window where they sell them and get it but no.. she says.. o you can't get one if you don't already have one you have to get this bla bla bla for (much bigger price) and moved away from the window.. so I get her attention then.. and ask "so how do I get a new open card?" so she says oh up there you can get the form and vaguely points and gives me a little piece of paper. The little piece of paper has a street which I don't know although I know this area very well.. and some instructions.. so I walk up, and left.. and then.. well.. I walk across the crosswalk.. go around and sure enough no such street exists n the area..

well.. I was sorta on the way to work but I had plenty of time so I walk in that general direction and go to another metro station. I wait for other people in the line, the last one taking ages because she's getting her card recharged.. and then I look at my phone and I stress out because I think that I like.. need to be at the office now! So I run out, up out of the metro.. first I quickly get a ticket and go to jump on the tram but I'm on the wrong side and I say fuck it.. and just run. Then I look at the phone again and realize I have an hour.

Feeling sheepish, I go back into the metro. Fortunately there's no one there, and I ask the woman if I can get a new monthly card.. and she says they don't do it there and names the 3 metros which do it. Thank you.. at least she told me.. now why the first woman couldn't tell me that.. I don't know.

So I go to Mustek.. I go into the metro and don't see any window for such a thing. So I go to the other entrance and walk up to the ticket window.. wait for another person.. and ask.. she says.. oh we don't do it here you have to do it at Mustek B... so I ask.. um, how do I get there.. and she says go through into the metro to the B line. Oh.. well fuck. Now they expect you to buy a ticket to get into the metro to buy a monthly pass? Fuck em.. didn't have time anyway had to go to work.

See what I mean? Buying a fucking ticket so I can be a responsible paying citizen.. fuck em fuck em. Well at least the tour went ok.. nice people, only 2 and it was actually kind of fun.

Then I got home and the internet totally wouldn't work. Still doesn't. Life is so fucking hard.


moshmangus said...

I hope you will take it easy about that situation, within time.

Ronald said...

It could only happen to you. I swear, you're jinxed! Have a good rant, it will do you good. That first woman, you should have lost it with her and flounced off. That's why I'm growing my hair, to make my flouncing out more dramatic :-)

Michelle said...

Damn... I forgot the flounce...

however, that is something I will not dwell on ad nauseum as I'm sure, that very soon, I will have opportunity to flounce again.

Michelle said...

oh it'll be alright... maybe..