Saturday, May 14, 2011

On set.

Just signing in from on set. *gets all pretentious and stuff* Doing this video thing.. hard to explain, it's a video thing.. anyway its interesting, and the best thing about it is we get to hang around on set in a place that's got wifi.. so.. you can imagine with my current dire circumstances this is very good..

and there's pastries and stuff. I should be studying this script.. not the one for this but one for work, for a test I'm doing this evening, so I'll get offline and do that, while I have the chance.

*gets offline and does that*

ok, in a second..


Ronald said...

Signing in from on set? Oh dahling... how wonderful! Wi-fi and pastries too? I'm telling you dahling, it's nigh on orgasmic, and only needs booze to be complete... don't you think, dahling?

Michelle said...

Yeah.. a bit o wine would be nice.. of course, we're right next to a beergarden too.. nice idea.. but of course I'm working after this *goes back to grumbling and stuff*..

then again.. it's looking a bit gloomy and possibly like rain outside, so at least the others won't be able to enjoy their later freedom so much.. *gets a bit cheered up by prospect*

Michelle said...

I don't really mean that..

ok yeah I do