Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The fun thing about having no internet..

Ok, there's no fun thing about having no internet.. there's nothing either neutral about having no internet, it's pure hell and nothing less.. but the fun thing about having no internet.. that is, having to go other places other than your home to get online is.. well nothing it sucks, totally completely and absolutely, but the fun thing about it is, the other people. And the other stuff. And the way you can write about them while you're there and they're chatting away or there's a song from the 80s.. the Power Of Love I believe on the radio.. but the Czech version. Yes, there's a Czech version.. there are Czech versions of a lot of pop songs.. and there's a radio station that plays a lot of them, and the pub downstairs in my building has that one playing all the time. So there you go. Fun.

Earlier on I was in a cafe, in the centre, a reasonably swanky place and 2 dudes came in, and one was very clever, very clever indeed, or so he believed and he talked on and on and on about clever stuff.. as the other guy siid.. yes, oh you're so right.. that sort of thing. hmm.. and aha.. etc.. I found it amusing, so I wrote about it in another capacity.. RIGHT WHILE I WAS SITTING THERE.

See.. fun. Ok so I'm easily amused. Sue me.

Oh and getting online in pubs makes it necessary to drink beer.. you may not have noticed that already..



Ronald said...

That's the trouble with no Internet, there's every likelihood you'll go outside in your spare time. That takes some getting used to. I remember the last time I had to do without (though thank the lord it was only for a short time). I found myself wandering around the city centre, rubbing shoulders with people. Fortunately, I happened to have my ipad which supports 3G networks, so I was able to settle in a quiet place and get connected. Was a close shave though... phew...

Michelle said...

Wow.. out there, real world.. real live people...

*shudders at the thought*

*listens to cheesy music on redio station*

*kind of enjoys it actually*