Thursday, May 19, 2011

Probably the best Scottish invention of them all...

The Rapture is supposed to happen this Saturday. It won't affect me much.. for obvious reasons. Well perhaps not obvious.. I mean, it should be obvious to anyone who's slightly paying attention that it will not affect me personally.. I will be going nowhere.. but neither will anyone in my near vicinity, probably.. so no looting for me, most likely..

well.. I will be in the Old Town Square.. waiting for a tour which probably won't happen, so I might position myself near any wealthy looking Tennesseans I can come across.. waiting for the wallets to drop...

of course if I do get a tour, wouldn't that be awesome to have a couple of people vaporize in the middle of it.. might not be the best advert for most tours.. but we're ghosty so..

of course, it could be all made up.

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