Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sayin a good bye to our old friend..

The year is nearly done, almost behind us. In some parts of the world it is '13 no longer. This is the time when I reminisce about the past year, and make plans for the next, well perhaps not so much plans as.. stuff. I shall say one thing about this year. It sucked. It didn't suck completely all the time, and let's face it things aren't always so spectacular with me and I do have a tendency to grumble, but overall it was a shitty year. Couldn't manage to hold on to a job, failed at pretty much the one last thing I think I can do, did hardly any acting stuff and well.. spent most of the year in a kind of funk, a kind of I'm a complete loser why is the world against me depression. Now again, how much that was different from any other time and how much it is just my general way of being, I'm not sure, but I will be glad to see the tail or two oh one three, don't think I don't know what those numbers spell out, all I can say it a sigh of collective relief is being sighed by the triskaidaphobics of the world that is at least when their respective times zones are doing the change over. I'm not superstitious, but at this point, now, or at least a couple of hours from now, I'd like to think it all means something, at least a little bit of something, at least maybe psychologically, or something, and when its' all over, that is the big one three, things will magically improve considerably. At least after the hangover wears off. It's silly but one must hope. So.. how about next year, this big bright 14 that we're headed for. I won't do any resolutions except that's exactly what I'm going to do right now, I just won't be too specific. I just want to more. More acting, more work more getting out in the world and experiencing it, and of course making movies.. editing damn movies at least the one I've been trying to for the last few months. Start up a group/class that there have been preliminary discussions about doing but everyone's all like "oh yeah but it's December and we're busy let's do it in January" well it is (will be) January so you have NO EXCUSE! I wouldn't accept it from myself so I wont' accept it from others. Actually I would accept that from myself and do all the time, but that's beside the point. And yes, it will be Jan.. the dreary dreaded Jan, but it will be Jan '14, so it kind of evens itself out. I'm hoping it will be a mild one. Anyway.. this is the last post of.. this year.. yes, 2013.. '13.. 13 13 13 there I said it now it's out of my system and very soon I won't have a use for it at all anymore, so there.. and yes, last one for this year so see you all next year and have a fantastic evening (or continue into your New Year reveling, not that you'd be reading this if you were) and yeah.. have a great one.

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