Wednesday, April 01, 2009

It's true! Bunnies really do lay eggs!

It's finally April o joy o wonder o fools will rejoice.

That's me trying to be poetic :Z. It's an overcast gloomy day, like we weren't promised, but the stuff that I needed to do, the saga that I was dealing with is over. Or mostly over, enough over for me to be able to let out a big fat phew. One set of keys, one place to take care of, and no more meetings!

Like I said, phew, but I'd still like a bit of sunniness along with this spring.

Oh and speaking of foolishness, tomfoolery or anything fool related, this is quite funny. Particularly if you like naughty bits based humour.

Not entirely relaxing, letting the hair down, stripping off those "go out into the world to deal with people clothes" because I have something else to do today, but of a completely different variety. I have a casting. That is, you know, an audition for a film like thingy.. those of you who've been reading for a while will know that I used to go on those a lot, and even got results from some of them, but this is the first one of the year.. and jeez, I'd almost forgotten there was such a thing until someone emailed me.

Now, don't know if I'll get the part and it seems that every time I report castings I don't end up getting the role but.. whatevs. The script is a bit.. well.. if I don't get it no biggie. It'd be nice to do some acting again though.

That's pretty much all.

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