Saturday, April 25, 2009

Busy busy busy!

So I was a ghost yesterday. I wore a 19th century black widow's type frock that didn't fit me, and I had a red wig, bonnet and parasol. And lots of deathly ghost makeup.. the skirt was big and flouncy and I kept knocking things over with it.. and stepping on it but I didn't have any huge accidents.

A lot of waiting around with the other ghosts, so many opportunities for photography, of myself and others, there were a lot of cool costumes there. My role consisted of walking back and forth across the room in front of a green screen and looking gloomy. Sounds easy but as I mentioned before, the skirt was longer than I'm used to and I had to talk at the right angle so my face could be seen so I did that rather clumsily.. I guess it looked ok though. I also had to stand in 4 different positions twirling the parasol, and the first time my wig got tangled up in it because I had to co-ordinate that while holding up the "shawl" a piece of black cloth that was pinned to me to cover up the fact that I couldn't do up the back, and keep the bonnet from falling off the wig so that wasn't so easy either. I did manage after the small mishap however.

And that was it.. it was a relief to get that garb off and back to my regular clothes. I then had another appointment with the director of the other film, in which I have a proper role, at his flat.. somewhere quite close if you walk directly there, but not so close if you walk around the block up and down every street a few times because you don't know where the street is and you forgot to bring the map you printed out. I got there about on time, just to wait around to see if the other actors would come... but I did some rehearsal, opening the door and acting tired, and I was done.

I got to relax in a nice pub for a bit then, which was nice after all that.. when I had a meeting with someone for business that should have been done days ago but for once in my life I'm busy so I have to run around meeting people at metro stations in the evening to get things done.

Another rehearsal for my main film again today, which should be shooting the end of next week.. and I'm an extra in another film about WWII.. so there'll be costumes and reports on that too.

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Erikland said...

Great stuff, look forward to seeing these on youtube! ;)