Monday, April 27, 2009

Where is my mind..

I had so much to say about the rehearsals I had on the weekend, the one for the film I'm actually acting in, but I forgot all the interesting stuff. Oh well it was just interesting to me anyway.. something like the difficulty of having to hit the spot while acting simultaneously curious, scared but not that scared, kind of aloof and some other things.. but that's acting for you, it's good that I'm finally getting a bit of practice at this whole so called "skill" :). And it's turning out a positive that we're rehearsing in the actual space.. it takes me that long to get the movements right, without even thinking of being in character.. ah to be a professional..

I saw duckies! Nothing to do with what I was just saying, but I went for a walk and saw baby duckies.. awwww.. you know it's spring now. I also saw a rather cute member of the parrot family, or whatever family birds that are sort of parrot-esque belong to, a colleague of my boyfriend's moved into the flat that used be my "office" after the previous occupant had to leave suddenly so we went to see it, it was interesting seeing a place that was so familiar to me done up so differently.. well anyway, she has a bird.

And speaking of colleague's and boyfriend's and work stuff that other people do, he's leaving for Singapore soon, for a month. It's cool I suppose, for him. I was kinda looking forward to May but whatev.. people have lives I suppose. Other people.

That's pretty much all.

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