Sunday, April 12, 2009

And onto Sunday..

Easter Sunday. This is the one that's supposed to be happy. I'm pretty chill right now, and not because.. continuing on with the Jesusian theme which I so love and am so knowledgeable about :) because our saviour has (or is about to . not sure which.. um) rise from the dead, and not because I'm about to, or have coated my insides with chocolate (this one I might) and not even because I had fun colouring eggs (this one I didn't.. kind of long story, actually it's not, I bought some egg colours the other day and put them away somewhere and totally couldn't find them) and drawing faces on them and making my inaugural eggstravaganza of egg family antics...

I think I lost my train of thought. Whatever. I feel like another beer. *burps*

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