Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday SQNEA #5 or alternatively 1.2, the return of the kettles..

Blog Announcement! I have decided from now on to, for the purposes of brevity, which I've found to be quite necessary in these cases, abbreviate "Stupid Questions Nobody Ever Asks" to it's acronym "SQNEA", though the Tuesday will continue to be written out in it's entirety.

Today's question:

Has anyone, ever in the history of the world, put fish in kettles? And if they do, do they use the same on to boil the water for their coffee, and if so, isn't it ick?


Barry Leiba said...

"SQNEA", pronounced "SKOO-nee", yes?

Well, see, the image I've always had of the "kettle of fish" has been something like the big cauldron that African natives would boil missionaries in. Or maybe the one that the three witches used in "Macbeth".

Double, double, toil and trouble,
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble,
And a whole different kettle of fish that be.

Michelle said...

Skoonee? Er.. yeah, sure.

Hmm.. your explanation sounds plausible, at least, more plausible than any other I've ever heard, which is nil, so thanks. It's really nice to actually receive an answer to my stupid questions :)