Monday, April 20, 2009


Well, I finally heard back from the guy about the film, not the ghost film where I'm not really an actor but an extra, which should be this week, or the other thing that I might be doing which isn't a film, and I haven't spoken about it yet so you wouldn't be thinking about it anyway, but the film where I play a real role. Maybe I mentioned it. Possibly I didn't.. well anyway I'm going to be in a PCFE film and the director has been postponing starting rehearsals for one reason or another and finally got back to me yesterday. First he called while I was in a quite charming new bar/cafe we were hanging out in and I didn't hear the phone until too late.. and he didn't call back. But luckily he emailed. I had meeting for 8 this evening but it's been put off again until tomorrow.

Yes I am only writing to keep the blog updated.. Sad isn't it.

You should watch this, it's funny. Fucking funny.

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