Sunday, April 04, 2010

Another post! Oh my...

I've been persuaded to post again today by a reader.. rather by the very fact that someone is actually reading and commenting.. so here I am.

So Erik left this morning. It was a relatively tearless parting, I'm quite stoic and able to amuse myself for 2 weeks (that's if I have my stuff, you know.. like computer.. internet.. but none of that now) and Cooley appeared to be blissfully unaware of just what was going on.

So how have I been spending this Easter Sunday on my own? Well, for the first half of the day mostly pissing about on the internet, having fun tracking the flight and my usual stuff. After about 6 or something the computer shut down (as it has been wont to do occasionally since time of purchasing but usually hasn't caused too much drama) and it didn't restart itself as it does when it usually shuts down (see previous brackets). It sorta did this the other night too but it came back and started working normally again (occasionally restarting itself for no reason or alternatively giving me the blue screen of death for no reason).

So anyway, it just did that no signal thing and the screen went black. So I had to shut the comp down with the button. I tried to turn it back on and it gave the black screen. So I waited. After waiting it still did the black screen. Oh shit am I going to go through all this again.. well I did that again a couple of times. I took the side of the comp and fiddled around in there and cleaned the fan, then I turned it on and heard the beep so I thought cool it's working but it got stuck on some screen and that was it. For a few hours I alternated between waiting, fiddling around inside the comp, turning it on and getting the black screen, or turning it on and getting it starting up and getting stuck on a different screen every time.

Then I started it and it worked normally but turned itself off after about 4 minutes. Fortunately it came back on normally and that's what I'm working on now but who knows how long it will last.

So anyway that's what I've been doing with myself all day. Well.. and this..

Left to my own devices..


Ronald said...

Talking to eggs [re pic] is a rare ability, and probably accounts for your relative ease in coping with solitude - it's good to have friends, even if they're the produce of fowl!

Without knowing your financial circumstances, don't you think it might be worthwhile investing in another computer?

From one silly person to another - sausages!

Michelle said...

Yeah.. I talk to the cat a lot, which seems relatively un-unusual (er..) but eggs is out of character even for me.

Re the computer.. well you see, the computer we have we have because it's cheap, and we need one. There was another computer here that died, which created the necessity of purchasing a new computer. Well there was and is also another computer that we were using for the time between the death o the original and the loan of a new work computer which was a few days before the purchase of the "new" one but that ran on linux and I could go on at length about it and have but I won't here.

Anyway... so this comp was purchased second hand and cheap. This most likely has much to everything to do with it's problems. Now, going back to the necessity of the much needed purchase to be cheap, being that we don't got much money. And the other work loan comp is now with Erik in Toronto and will go back to the work people when he gets back so it's no use to me.

Did I answer the question?

Ronald said...

Erm... yeah...