Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yes.. I'm still here.

I'm here just been.. busy. Well, in a way. I was totally gonna write yesterday. It was in the plan, after walk up the hill, get online, do the other stuff I need to do online, before some other stuff I needed to do but I totally zoned it out and for that I profusely and humbly apologize, etc etc.

The weekend was quite lovely. Erik came back Sat morning after some mishaps.. and it was a lovely day. Took a walk in the park watching everything blooming.. and Sunday was even lovelier and I got to have my first beergarden experience this year ever! The comp is still er.. sleeping but one can't have everything.. though it would be kind of nice but whatever when you're me you can't expect that.

So overall things are cool, and really I don't have much to say. Yesterday's post was going to be about the weekend which is covered in the second paragraph, and yesterday I didn't do much except for not write the post about the weekend so I think I'm up to date.

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