Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Slight change of pace.

I actually did something today. Kinda. It's not really doing anything by most people's standards but mine are rather low re "stuff" so yeah.

It was a casting, for voice work and I won't say more about what it's for because my reading was poor, I know reading straight off the page unrehearsed doesn't produce one's best work but I was poor, sucky, unconvincing, bland. So I won't be put on the list of people who are proper actors who we might consider for something some time, let alone on the call back list, let alone get the bloody thing but whatever it's good to do something again, get back into practice so that when I just so happen to go for something where they need someone very specifically like me with my looks and my accent and there absolutely is no one else I read well enough for them to say "well, she's kinda ordinary and on the poor side, but there isn't anyone else that looks right" rather than, "well, she's really the only human being in the universe that looks right for this part and no one else has that right sound.. but fuck was she shit... let's just rewrite the part". That sort of thing.

I read the girl's bit, which included being scared and weepy, and a calm, cool voice. The boys got to swear and yell and make threats, I wish I'd gotten to read those lines, I probably could have done it better too. Well that's life for you, women are victims and love interest and sometimes a disembodied voice over the radio. Seriously, this is what I'm talking about when I say sexism is real and happening right now.. and it AFFECTS PEOPLE!* I didn't even get to say fuck once!

*Ok so I've probably never said that here, or anything too close to it, but I've written about 3 posts over the years about sexist stuff so it's sorta in the what for what of a better expression I will call the "ballpark".

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