Monday, April 12, 2010

*insert blog post here*

I have a sorta serious, otherwise than self indulgent rambling about whatever I'm thinking right now about what's happening right in front of me right now post in my head that I think I won't end up putting out there because.. well I don't know but whatev... right now I'm just doing the usual.

So I'm online. Of course the computer could die again any second but I'm enjoying it while it lasts, it's a particularly happy occurrance (the revival due to whatever it is I did, of the computer) because it's been doing nothing but raining the last few days.. not exactly ideal but I don't really care. I trust that we'll get spring back when it matters.

Monday is Word o' the Day day.. (I think) so I thought I'd give you today's word.

neologism: a new word or expression; the use or creation of new words or expressions.

So if I were to make up a word.. say.. "forfiz" and use in this sentence for example..

"Over the hills forfiz the cows in the sunshine"

and people could generally get the meaning from that and other sentences in which it's used, and found it pleasing enough to use occasionally, it caught on after a while and with the internet and everything before you know it'd be a new word and in one of them dictionaries that includes slang and new stuff.. that would be a neologism.. or that would be neologism. I think.

NOTE: If I bothered to take more time with it, say at least 30 seconds I could have come up with a better word, and a better sentence to put it in. Probably.


Ronald said...

Brilliant! I neologise* all the time. I coinded "Wazzmococcic" meaning "even better than magnificent".

* Does that constitue a neologism?

Michelle said...

I thought you'd be a natural at this. Wazzmococcic!

Is that wazzmokokkik or more like wazzmosossis? Or is it Wazzmokossik? Or something else.

In other news.. you could probably come up with a whole dictionary with just blogger verification words.

Ronald said...

My pronunciation of Wazzmococcic is Wazz - muh - cock - ick... though I'm sure the others you mentioned might catch on.

You're asbermiolutely right about the Blogger verification.

Michelle said...


Ronald said...

I'm sure I saw a new post earlier today....

Michelle said...

No.. nothing today. Completely zoned it out.. and got nothing in my head so sorry :)

I promise I'll do something positively stupendous tomorrow!

Or at least jot out some sort of blog post thingy :Z

Ronald said...