Saturday, April 10, 2010

Aha! I was right!

You know how last week I went to a casting? And it was for something that would be pretty cool and one of the few things going on that I'm castable for? And how I fucked it up?

Well I was right. My audition was "ordinary" at best. I even have it in writing.

However... they seem to think I'd be good as a presenter, and seemed to put down my crappiness due to nervousness.. (and let it be understood that the audition was crappy no 2 ways about it) or something.

I went to a meeting today to meet the cast and talk about what we're going to do. It sounds interesting, but vague. He told us some ideas and we contributed some ideas which he liked. There is a show and a news bit so some of the people are actors and some are presenters, but most seem to be doing both presenting and acting so obvs I'm on the lesser level, not surprising since the audition I did SUCKED and it's quite official.

He seemed interested in the fact I know Czech, which I think he hopes I know better than I do, in fact that, along with the fact that they don't really have much people is why I got this gig, ie the lesser role of just presenter. Hopefully he's not too invested in me being able to speak perfect professional Czech, or I don't screw up our first event too much.. (some meeting thing, where he's going to have a web camera thingy and we're going to ask people questions and stuff :Z!!!!!) because then I might get the ole... er, we don't really need you as you're no good at this stuff and your acting, as has been previously ascertained.. sucks.

Oh dear, I really fit the description of like.. super negative. An opportunity for something pretty cool just shows up, out there, the description of who they want fits me (and anyone really). Not so many people show up for the casting, my audition sucks seriously.. and I get the gig anyway! Who on earth would grumble about that?

*looks in mirror*

Ok, it is good, and I'm happy about it, to a certain degree.. I just don't want to be too fucking elated about the whole thing because;

a) More people might contact the guy and even though they're a last minute show who didn't bother to come to any of the other castings or meetings he'll decide they're much better than me and then will have enough people without scraping the bottom of the barrel.

b) My debut on Thursday will be a disaster, I won't know what to say and I'll fumble and sound like an idiot when the other people will do brilliantly when thrown into interveiewing random people about whatever it is and he'll decide he doesn't need me anymore.

c) This will fizzle out early, before it really gets off the ground and gets to the bit where we get to travel, get paid, get seen sort of thing, like many other projects that are full of enthusiasm and big ambition but ultimately get grounded because of lack of money, people, time, effort etc.. trust me, I know these sorts of projects. My admittedly rather paltry resume is (or would be if they'd gotten anywhere) full of my involvement in such projects.

Of course, I'm being uncharitable here. I hope it works out, not just because I'm in it but because it sounds like a cool idea.. whatever it is. And if nothing else it was good to be in the presence of other real life humans and actually talk to them about something a bit meaningful. Gotta do that sometimes.


Ronald said...

I'm seeing a pattern here... no matter what good things come your way you're unable to see them as the outcome of your positive qualities. I'm the same. Even this comment is just luck.. I can't read, write or speak English... it's just luck when all the characters fall together into a meaningful whole!

What did you mean by "it was good to be in the presence of other real life humans"? Does that make me a mere assemblage of bits and bytes? Sob.

Michelle said...

You're probably right, in fact you are right.. and it was noted in the post :)

Hehe.. I should have said.. "in the physical presence of humans" rather than "real humans".. I'm well aware that you are an actual human.. well.. I'm pretty sure :) you're at least as likely to be one as I am.

.. it was the actual real time real space thing I was referring to... haven't had much of that since Erik left last week but Cooley almost passes.. it's just the convesation is a bit limited with her.