Friday, April 02, 2010

It's a tolerable Friday.

Easter has begun. If one were to pick a particular day that is "Easter Day" though the holiday is more a half week than a day per se, but if one insisted then one would have to choose Sunday. Well, one wouldn't have to it just seems the most appropriate day. However, as I said Easter is more a half week than a day and therefore this Friday (apparently a "good" one) is more Easter proper than say.. boxing day is proper Christmas, though not necessarily more than xmas eve is xmas if you live in a country that puts the focus more on the eve than the day but I'm getting kind of off the point so..

Happy Easter those that celebrate. Happy Jesus' day o suffering if you're into that and happy chocolate if you're into that.

Oh and that stuff I said yesterday? I've been convinced that it's malarkey. Of course, I may have been pulling one's collective leg with that whole post.. if you know what I mean. And I think.. you know what I mean.

So yeah.. bunnies and eggs and switches and all that.


Ronald said...

"Switches"? Did I miss something. Are you talking about devices for switching on electric lights, or the flexible thingy used for punishment. My interest is purely academic of course!

Michelle said...

Na.. it's more like this.

Michelle said...

.. and it looks like this.

Ronald said...

When I said "punishment" I meant it in it's widest sense so I wasn't too far off the mark (I had in mind buttock-beating).

Thanks for the references, and for an insight into your creative mind. I liked especially the naming of the leather whip as, "the leather whip". Cool.

Had to smile at the interest shown, as including your responses, it tallied 17 comments. A keen insight into human nature. When did your last "fluffy animal" post receive such attention.

On that note, I'll sign off with a silly - arf! arf!

Michelle said...

Fluffy animal post? Hmm.. not sure what you mean unless it's one of the many photos I put up when I can't be bothered/have no ideas for a proper post and haven't put up one in a while.. and there's your answer.. crap, lazy posts don't get so much attention, and recently I've had nothing but that, hence the lack of any comments on my posts recently.

Just haven't been getting ideas lately, and if I do then the whole effort of transferring them to the blog hasn't felt important enough..


Thanks for your interest.. it's made me feel like I might start blogging properly again :)

Ronald said...

I don't lose interest in you or your blog so much as become too interested in myself (and no, I don't mean I play with myself). I've always liked your clever silliness as it chimes well with me. I've a tendency to get, for want of a better word, self-absorbed and so the world, including you, misses out on my considerable presence (ever ironic). Anyway, one doesn't get 'heavy' on blog comments so I'll defuse the situation with another silly - wibble wobble! There... isnt' that better.

Keep blogging... I'll try to keep up.