Monday, April 05, 2010

I'm not just sitting here talking to the cat..

It's day 2 o my home alone stint #3, and far from sitting here wasting time and letting the place get progressively messier, I already did something. Interacted with other people. I went out!

It was to a casting, of all absurd things.. for some bla bla bla bla bla, doesn't matter what it's for, but I went to it. I saw one person I know who I was in one of my first (student) films with. Since then I've seen him many times over the years and sometimes he's been completely unaware he ever met me before and other times has remembered me. Today he looked over and said hi with that "I know you" look and said "long time no see". I didn't think it necessary to point out that I saw him at a casting for some voice work 2 months ago, at which it appeared he didn't recognize me.

The thing they're doing sounds pretty good and it would be great if I got it, but I won't. My audition was average, to put it politely. And of course I always think that and I always say that, and apart from the fact that there's no evidence to point to me being wrong about that, the response I got after it was noticeably different from the response after the woman before me did the same scene. They asked her questions like they were actually interested in knowing the answers, and with mine it seemed like they were going through the motions and would rather have not bothered with it.

Oh well.. I'll try to put it out of my mind so I won't be too disappointed when inevitably I hear either nothing, or a very polite "nah, sorry".. which I'll feel regardless so I just have to focus on other stuff.



Ronald said...

So tell me, what precisely was the response you got? In what way was it different?

Michelle said...

Well, first of all when she finished the guy (the main dude) said "that was great" in a seemingly honest manner. And then launched right into asking her questions about relevant stuff like how long she'll be around and other talents she has etc.

When I was done there was a slight pause, what seemed like a not terribly impressed look.. and then he asked his assistant if there was anything he wanted to ask, and then they talked with me for a few minutes more but it really seemed different. I dunno.. My audition didn't seem good to me so I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't good to them.

Ronald said...

That's fair enough, and I see what you mean. But no one is more aware than me of how overly subjectve we can be. I hope you're wrong.