Sunday, April 18, 2010

The good news is.. it's a beautiful, clear, warm day.

Sunny and springy. Warm and clear and..

it's clear. Clear blue skies. That is no clouds.. no dust, no ASH!

What's the holdup airlines.. when can our people come home??!!?!!!!

Fucking volcano.


Ronald said...

Tis beautiful here too, has been for a few days. But it's that that's pissing me off - where's our typical Spring weather? The turbulent jet streams, the low pressure... the rain, the hight winds, the kind of weather which doesn't allow fucking volcanic ash to float around in the fucking upper atmosphere? Aaarrrggghhh!

Michelle said...

Ha! We had rain all last week here.. but obviously by the time ash gets here it's already all over Europe.

It's probably good it wasn't raining when it happened though.. or the water would've been particularly poison or something..

still.. it might have stopped the holdups with the planes.. maybe.

Ronald said...

All I ask for is for someone else to take a turn. I was thinking maybe it should drift across the Atlantic... :-)

Michelle said...


maybe it can drift further north.. and after next Saturday/Sunday it can go all the way to North America if it likes.. and stay there.

Ronald said...

I have no patience. I want someone else to suffer the same... NOW!

Michelle said...


*suffers the same*

does that help?

Ronald said...

No, it has to be a faceless, anonymous group, a nation perhaps... :-)

Michelle said...

oh.. well I'll try and make all of us here suffer.. see if I don't!

*looks all angry and determined and stuff*

Ronald said...

No, that's not going to do it as Europe as a group is already suffering. I'm afraid it has to be another continent!