Tuesday, April 06, 2010

TSQNEA #10 - After midnight.

People are always talking about doing stuff "after midnight". And I mean always, "literally" always! And it makes a lot of sense because "after midnight" is ANY TIME OF THE DAY OR NIGHT seeing as midnight is 00:00 hours. Well anytime of the day that isn't midnight itself.

So why do people use it? It's essentially meaningless.. ok I know that in general use it means "after midnight of the day that you've just been up and awake and gone to work and done stuff in" and pretty much everyone understands it so it's an easy way of explaining that something is happening between the hour of 00:00 and when you finally go to bed.. but.. well I just answered my own question.. and really it's not something that's ever perplexed or interested me.

Except in the case of the gremlins. Now the gremlins cannot be fed after midnight, that is the cute little lovable (though quite misbehaving and devious, apart from Gizmo) furry mogwais.. cannot be fed after midnight, or else they'll turn into the evil and destructive gremlins. What I always wondered was "when does after midnight end?"

I suppose I could look to my own answer of the original question and say, until whoever goes to bed, or until dawn, but it's just not specific enough, not in this case. I mean the gremlins caused destruction, killed people and wreaked havoc in a department store. People really should have all the necessary information they need to take care of such volatile creatures. It was very irresponsible of that chinese guy to be so vague, in fact he should have given a detailed care document with Gizmo, or rather not given him to some goofy kid at all.. who ended up fucking everything up anyway and would have regardless of having more info, so the point is kinda moot, but still.


Ronald said...

Aha... all the signs of cabin-fever! Hang in there, he'll back before you know it! :-)

Michelle said...

grrr.. don't even start me on it..

you know how the other day I was going on about computer problems and it was all fucked up for some time but it came back and then it was working ok? Well it fucked up again. This time it just won't boot so...


Ronald said...

Smash it. Pick the fucking thing up and hurl it at the ground [don't forget to cuss and scream as you're doing it] Then, wearing suitable footwear, trample each and every part into smithereens. That should do it. For about a millisecond, you'll get an enormous sense of satisfaction... mind you... where your next post is coming from, fuck knows! :-)

david h said...

Hey, this is actually a really interesting question. I'm picturing some gremlin caretaker who goes to bed at 8 and gets up at 3AM and feeds them a breakfast. My dad sometimes sleeps on this schedule.

I wonder if that would make them go crazy, or if they would just treat it like an early breakfast and stay cute little gremlins. Or how about the clubber who comes home at 7AM and feeds the gremlins before going to bed?

And what if you take the gremlins on a plane to a different time zone? Is the "midnight" set my the time zone they left, or where they arrived? These are important questions and I'm glad that somebody is finally investigating them!

Here's another deep question that you might help answer: Figure out why Czechs and Australians (and other "westerners") peel their bananas from different ends? Isn't that weird?