Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kay so that's done.

I interviewed someone today. Some dude to be more precise. It was about a smoking ban that will be coming to Prague soon.. partly, it was also about general work and visa stuff from an expat's perspective.

It didn't start so well.. I was to meet them at Karlovo Namesti. Now Karlovo Namesti is a nice place, a park. A rather big one in central Prague. It covers 2 blocks and has a metro station with 4 exits and 3 different stops for the trams, so it's not the best place to meet if you a) don't know the place very well, which I do.. or b) if you're not specific, which they weren't. And also if you're not on time which they weren't.

I was early, and waited. When it came to almost on time time I looked on the other side, and for he next 20 minutes or so walked back and forth across the road and checked every nook and cranny of that park. After checking out the park I crossed to the shops bit and checked out all the possible points that one could expect "Karlovo Namesti" to be.

Eventually I saw someone with a tripod and walked up to them and it was them.

So we did the interview and it seemed to go ok. I fumbled and fluttered and er.. flubbed.. but there was enough in there of the ok stuff and possibly even some clever stuff to put a decent interview together.


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Ronald said...

Grrrrr! I'm sure I posted a comment here, but it doesn't seem to have 'taken'... oh well, here we go again... what did I say....

All's well that ends well, though I realise it's not finished just yet.

I'm about to read your follow-up post... oooh... it's getting exciting!

Michelle said...

Yeah.. it turned out ok. And the drinks at night were fun.. although I nad to wait for them AGAIN.. and wondered around the area like an aimless fool and sat on a wall for a while :) I swear I'm the only person in the world over the age of 13 who can't have simple drinks out with people without issue :)

But overall it was good.