Saturday, April 03, 2010

The eve of...


Well, if you don't count having a rather lively and noisy kitty about, which I do so I suppose it's not the right word.

Erik is off again tomorrow, travelling with work, again, this time to Toronto and Chicago for 2 weeks. So I'll be left to my own devices again. I'll be alone for most of this holiday but fortunately it's the chocolate one so it's cool.

Actually I don't have any chocolate.. I might get some. I have plenty of eggs.. so I'll be living lots of partly dyed egg salad for a few days :)


Ronald said...

What's going on? It's Sunday... so what happened to Saturday's post? I'm all fired up ready to read you on a regular basis, then you go let me down! Tsk!

Just kidding.

Enjoy the solitude. It's good for the soul.

Michelle said...

um..sir yes sir I'll get to work on it.. sir! *salutes Don*

Oh and I'm just fine here, I get by on my own without too much problem. And like I said I've got a little furry thing to keep me company.. not to mention my very best friend in the world (apart from Erik and the kitty) the internet..

Ronald said...

Ooops! I should have checked the date. What an arse I am! Sorry.