Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I hope I'm at least learning something here..

I may have mentioned the other day I had big problems with my computer.. the very day after my present stint of solitude began.. and I screwed around with it for a couple of hours.. and it was frustrating and annoying and worrying, but then it came back and I was all relieved and stuff.

Well yesterday it screwed up again, but a bit differently yet again this time. Blue screen of death.. a different one than before and then it just wouldn't turn on. I got the ole computer turns on, fan is running but nothing shows onscreen. Won't boot, to put it in fewer words.

I got inside the computer, did a bunch of stuff, cleaned and tightened and unplugged and plugged again and I could go on and usually do but that's the gist. It just wouldn't turn on. I tried a couple of fixes I found online (at the ole cafe.. ah, how I love being in the ole cafe) but they didn't work.

Today I got a tip from a very clever man, to "reseat" everything. The advice came in a phone call from Toronto while I was walking through the park so I possibly didn't get all the proper details but I got in there in the comp, undid everything, left it for a bit and hooked up the other comp (the one that we were using last time the other comp died that doesn't do shit) and then bla bla bla.. I'm going into detail again.. I didn't mean to.. I just wanted to in general complain about how shit my life is.. well here it is.. my life is shit.

Anyway it worked. Well something worked. Sorta. I shot off an email, then went to shoot of another but it shut down, or restarted like it was wont to do so it didn't bother me so much.. but after restarting it restarted almost immediately.. and then again, and again. Then it got stuck for ages on the Windows welcome screen and then it went black.

Haven't been able to revive it since. So here I am, in the ole internet cafe again.. fuck I spent a lot of time here.. or in one of these, I don't always use the right one. To make it even more perfect this computer restarted on me! And flickr won't let me upload!

Grrr and stuff. Oh. and fuck!


Ronald said...

I have great sympathy for your plight (doncha just love that word?) as like your good self I'm an inveterate internetter too (though you already know this). I know too, there's no place like home for conducting one's various online "doings". I've had recourse to use such cafes over the years and though they allow one a welcome "fix" when one's on holiday or such, they just aint the same, know what I mean? Anyway, to the point... I'm impressed with your no nonsense approach to your problems - your roll up your sleeves and get in there. Even more impressive is what you do once you've gained entrance, namely, "a bunch of stuff". On those rare occasions I've taken the lid off my box I'm able to tentatively poke and prod only. Much admiration.

Michelle said...

Well. poking and prodding is about all I do too, I'm much too afraid of forgetting which bit went in which bit and putting the bits into the wrong bits or prodding something too hard and breaking it... and with good reason, the few times I got either desperate or thought I was clever enough to manage something more ambitious I forgot which bit went into which bit and put the wrong bit into the wrong bit :P

I also may have prodded something too had and broken it, but I'm really not sure as I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE BLOODY THING!

On a positive note I may be learning something about the hardware of computers here but it's a) extremely little, and b) of fuck all use to me.. at this point anyway.

So there you go.

Ronald said...

Knowledge for it's own sake. Like knowing what consistency of bogey will stick permantly to the paintwork in the mens toilets at the local pub; or... how many drinks it takes to effect true projectile vomiting. Be pleased to have learned.