Sunday, April 11, 2010

I really shouldn't say anything..

so I won't, because it's all going to come crashing down around me anyway, probably as soon as I hit "post". Or just as I'm doing it so the draft is waiting for me to go and post tomorrow.. or something.

Ok so I will. This morning I got into the computer.. I mean I didn't literally get in it, I'm much too big to fit in a computer.. silly, but I did more stuff, I took the front bit of and poked around behind the bit on top of the hard drive near the power switch, or something and when I turned it on it beeped. So I connected the monitor and turned it on and have been having relatively little trouble all day so it seems to work..


it may not continue to work. And before I get accused of being negative again, I'm actually quite cheery about this I'm just protecting myself from getting burned again :) it's done this to me before when I thought everything was going ok so I don't really trust it.

But it's been a pleasant enough Sunday, overcast and rainy but for me, it mattered not one whit!


Ronald said...

You've pulled the rug from under my feet by leaving me nothing to accuse you of. Pft!

Michelle said...


I'll make it up to you :)

Ronald said...

Good grief and other similar exclamations! Is that the quickest response to a comment EVER? You must have been lurking, waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting first-commentor.

You'll make it up to me? Awww... you're so sweet! :-)

Michelle said...

That's the beauty of being online again.. I mean properly, at home, on my own comp!

I mean what else am I sposed to be doing.. it's raining so even a normal person would have a good excuse.

Ronald said...

Raining? Oh bad luck... the weather's been good here the past few days and set to continue.

I'm glad to hear you're all set computer-wise at home.