Friday, November 15, 2013

Something to ponder

Is there such thing as normal?

Are we really real?

If so, what is real? Life is how it is nowadays, different to how it was, and different depending on where you live, where you fit in society, who you are etc? Realities are so different for everyone, my reality is something that would be strange to many people who's mundane existence is made up of things that would be very weird to me, not just because I live a somewhat unconventional life, whatever that means, but just because I don't do the stuff they do, just because? Is this still a question anymore? A jumping off point? Does it matter? Is there even a difference?

If you put a question mark after any old sentence then does that make it a question?

Do I have too much time on my hands?

That last one was rhetorical?

Yes, I did that on purpose? And no, my previous question seems to have answered itself?

Should I go make another coffee now? Also rhetorical?


Ronald said...

You know that rhetorical question you asked, about having too much time on your hands? Well, I'm going to answer it, trampling all over it's rhetoricalness, a display of total disrespect...

You can never have too much time on your hands, but you can have too little, due to filling your time doing stuff you don't really care to do, but feel you have to, either through obligation, irrational compulsion, or the necessity to earn money.

You're right about differing realities. I'm sure we have to make a lot of assumptions (most incorrect) when we tell ourselves we know someone, or understand their point of view. Life, methinks, or our idea of it, is to a large extent an illusion, just a collection of necessary myths. I guess it gives comfort to think we're in good company rather than feel we don't have a clue as to what's going on.

Michelle said...

I guess you're right, too much, of course, is relative, like anything that we say is too much or too little, and a lot of the things we jokingly say that someone who said it, or did it had too much time on their hands is well.. cool stuff.. like something that I read or someone told me yesterday that I thought was hilarious and I said that about it, but I can't remember what it was now.. oh well, maybe it will come to me, but really, people come up with cool stuff when they obsessively follow something, or have a lot of time to form their thoughts, or come up with something witty and clever..

of course, sometimes those people really do come up with brilliantly funny shit right on the spot with hardly thinking, and those people of course, suck, though I'd like to think that I am those people sometimes, not all the time, because of course then I'd suck.

What were we talking about again?

Ronald said...

I don't know, what were we talking of? Oh well, in the big scheme of things, does it really matter?

Sausages! Now there's a cool topic!

Michelle said...

yes! you know, veggie sausages are very good, at least they can be..

I mean, as sausages are made from the leftover crap bits of the animal, and covered in herbs and spices to disguise the fact, for veggie ones, you just get some soy or vegetable matter, put in the spices which is the good bit anyway, and voila! you got a sausage..

of course, meat eaters don't generally agree with that too much, but as a very recent m-e and someone who actually quite liked it, I can say that the sausages are pretty good..

and veggie burgers, especially the mushroom based ones.. they are awesome, not just a substitute..

yep.. good subject, lots to be said on that

Ronald said...

As with anything else in life, there are sausages, and there are SAUSAGES! The latter consist of less cereal and binding crap, and more of the meat, usually pork. Of course, I respect your sensitivity re the animals themselves, and time was, I tried vegetarianism myself, but I was weak, oh so weak... blame it on the waft of grilled bacon! Anyway...

There are often vege-burgers in this household and I'm not averse to a vegeburger, with a fried egg on top, and of course, some fried onions (almost, but not quite, burned) Yummy!

Yep, "sausages"... the mere name is humourous

* titters *

Michelle said...

hehe.. sausages..

it is funny.. I'm trying to come up with a short version seeing as we're talking about them so much but the word just doesn't shorten well..

sausages it is..

hehe.. sausages *giggles*

Ronald said...

And of course, it wouldn't be worth a chortle if shortened.

* snickers *

Michelle said...

oh and do you know I still haven't had that second coffee? I've been sitting here looking at updated blog comments and replying to them..

let me get my second coffee dammit!

Michelle said...

oh and re your comment.. (I was writing while you were posting)

yes.. I can't event think of any short form of sausages, let alone a funny one..

I keep wanting to say sauses.. but it's crap, and too much like sauces, if it was a singular word you could shorten it, but in this context we're going to mostly talk about them in plural, and it's just got too many ses.. S's.. how does one write down the plural of the letter "S"? There's something else so ponder..

Michelle said...

going to get that coffee now..

Ronald said...

I'm stumped. Sausages (in full) it has to be * chuckles *

My feet are cold again, but the rest of me is hot. What's going on in this crazy world?

I'm due to change over to tea for the rest of the day as I'm fully caffeinated, having had 3 disgustingly strong coffees.

Michelle said...

ooh.. where to start.. guess I'll address it point by point..

yes.. sausages it is.. I think we already decided this but it can't be said enough..

sausages it is

put on another pair of socks, and take off.. well whatever extraneous items of clothing you have on the rest of you, no need to dwell on that or chuckle or snicker or anything, it's a straightforward, respectable piece of advice

tea, yes, good idea, I'm only on the second coffee as we speak, yes, I did go and get it, and I don't tend to have them disgustingly strong anyway so I'm good for now, never really been into tea, though recently I started getting into it, particularly in colder months, a lovely fruit tea with some agave syrup, that's vegan for honey, is really lovely, and sometimes of an evening when I feel like a hot beverage, not because I'm sick or sniffly but just because, but not coffee for obvs reasons, I've had the pleasure of a lovely fruit tea..

now I know some people don't consider these fruit "teas" real tea, especially those from the British Isles part of the earth, but personally, don't care, it is what it is, and I recently purchased some green tea because I thought I liked tea and guess what? didn't like it! So, it's the fruity, fake kind for me. Don't need it for the caffeine kick cos I have coffee for that so.. there you go.

Pots, sausages, eggs, tea.. what else can we ramble on at length about..

hmmm.. food and beverages.. the only thing that gets us yapping as much as the weather, who'd have thought it?

Ronald said...

Phew! That was a long one. You realise, you just wasted a whole post in the comment section. Maybe you should copy it, delete, then post it properly with an appropriate title?

Thanks for the dressing advice. I got a warm fuzzy feeling as if you were my mom or something (kidding, honestly)

My preference is for strong breakfast tea (proper tea) but I do experiment and occasionally partake of Earl Grey, or that made from the Rooibos plant (found in south africa I believe).

I got up way too early today, thanks to the need to pee. I had a drop of red wine last night, so not only did I not have a quality sleep (alcohol does that to me these days) I didn't get enough. That will account for my over-heated, irritable feeling. A shower would make a huge difference, but I can't be arsed.

Michelle said...

Well, don't let me keep you from anything, just because you kept me from that second coffee for a good long time which is really my fault oh of course don't think I'm blaming you think nothing of it..

I tend to wake up some time middle night/early morning after a night of drinking, though it takes a few beers.. more than 2, at least to give me that, after which I can't fall back to sleep.. seems strange to not be able to sleep well after drinking but there you go.. if I didn't know better I'd think it was just not good for me

Ronald said...

Yes, it's not my fault you were kept away from your second cup. I'm not culpable. Not ever. You can search me, and you'll find not an iota of culp.

I'm happy to talk to you, and if I need to do anything, I'll work you in and around it.

Yes, you know, when I was a younger man, if I drank, I'd sleep right through till the next day, and often well into it, but at some point (which eludes me) everything changed, and after boozing, I found myself sleeping like the dead for two or three hours, then waking, unable to get back. To coin a well-used phrase - what the fuck?

Michelle said...

yes, no fair.. I mean, why can't we have a night of boozing and tearing up the town and doing embarrassing things that we slowly learn the details of over the next couple of days and then just go to sleep, and up the next morning, right as rain?

no fair!

*wonders what's so right about the rain, figures it must have something to do with the crops*

Ronald said...

* thinks *

* thinks again *

What if it's acid-rain?

Michelle said...

oh, well that's bad rain, I think they mean the good rain, I mean, bad rain can't be right, right?

Ronald said...

So the saying should be amended to, "As right as the non-acid rain", don't you think?

Michelle said...

yes.. if one wanted to be accurate..

but are there other types of bad rain? I don't know, if so then those should be included, or if it's too many tyhpes of bad rain, then it should be "as right as the types of rain that aren't bad or harmful".. or perhaps "right as good rain" that's a bit snappier.. then again, right as rain seems to work for most people

Ronald said...

Yes, but it's not for those who are anally-retentive, bordering on Aspergers, or just plain finickity and demanding.

Michelle said...


on second (or 3rd or 4th) thoughts it should be

"right as the good types of rain, eg that which patters on the roof in the middle of the night, that help the crops grow, summer thunder showers that you run laughing through with friends, etc"

does that cover it? is it clear enough that it excludes the bad sorts, eg acid rain?

Ronald said...

Yes, though I have misgivings about heavy rain hammering on the the roof of a trailer I'm sleeping in. It's kind of annoying. Bigtime.

Michelle said...

ok.. so add that to the "excludes" bit..

*jots it down*

this expression is getting very long :/

Ronald said...

There's another expression - as right as ninepence!

* ducks *

Michelle said...

ninepence.. how much would that be worth these days?

Ronald said...

Not a lot. I doubt you could buy much with it, if anything.

Michelle said...

oh.. well, maybe if you had a lot of ninepences.. say, 6 of them, then you'd have, 54 pences.. what would that be worth?

Ronald said...

Well, the saying originated in the days before metric was introduced, and I'm struggling to remember the conversions from new money to old, but 50 new pence equals 10 shillings, so 10 np equals 2 shillings. Halve that and you get a shilling, which if I remember rightly, was 12 old pence, which is about 5 new pence... which is fast becoming redundant due to inflation. So nine old pence is less than a shilling... you getting an idea now?

Michelle said...

easy peasy.. why'd they change it?

Ronald said...

They changed it because... because... not sure. Because a lot of other nations and big ones too, had a metric system of currency? I liked our old LSD (pounds shillings and pence) as it was different. Seems that difference is much frowned upon, generally speaking. The subject of my current post, which I'm writing as we go, is much to do with this idea.

Michelle said...

right.. true..

although to be honest.. I don't get the whole different and interesting thing when it comes to money, I'm happy for money and measurements and things like that to be logical, or even uniform, don't really care.. leave being cool and different and individual to other stuff that it suits.. you know, everything that isn't about counting and measuring and whatnot

Ronald said...

Well, I'm talking about the feel of a place, or country. By picking away at the small stuff, you get to change enough so as to change the character. Imagine me without my gentle, but rib-tickling, homespun wit?

Ronald said...

Do you realise, between us, since about 9.50am my time, we've written 301 posts? I mean like, fucking wow, man! Is this some kind of record? Anyway, If must get showered pronto, as I'm feeling as grotty as a grotty thing that hasn't bathed in years! I'll be back though, hopefully refreshed, and raring to go at it again, all supposing of course you're around and of the same mind. I note it's Friday, and if you're true to form, you'll be going out. So if I don't hear from you when I get back, I'll bid you good day, and thank you for your illustrious company!


Michelle said...

hehe.. I was just about to mention that it's pretty much evening, and we've been chatting about er.. sausages and revolutions and cats and apholstery.. er.. did we? whatever.. since this morning..

and i have to shower too.. so I shall do that, so see you next time, if I don't see you again this time ;)

Ronald said...

Always a pleasure (when I'm out of my frequent doldrums) to converse with "The Kat".

Ronald said...

Have to add... I'm feeling spiffing since I showered. I'm re-clothed, blue jeans, a brown, short-sleeved shirt, socks and of course, underwear. All dressed-up (kind of) but nowhere to go. Weep for me. Have a great evening.

Michelle said...

I shall, I shall.. I'm also showered, feel so much better.. I have places to go actually, one is downstairs to a skuzzy bar in a minute to see someone who I've been expecting to come over for the last 2 hours, and later on to a birthday party in some snazzy joint.. that should be interesting, who knows if I'll make the second knowing the place downstairs and the friend I'm meeting though..

Ronald said...

I do hope you're not suffering tomorrow, though I suspect that's too much to hope. Anyway, I'm just jealous, as I can't take it anymore. Enjoy.

Michelle said...

well.. I'm actually ok today, although I went to meet this friend, had a few beers and er.. some shots, more than I should have had, and to a quite snazzy bar and had a few cocktails, only 2 but, you know, after beers and shots it's quite a lot.. and today I'm feeling kind of tired, mild headache but not much more, actually it's less than I usually suffer after more than 2 beers so maybe evening it all out with cocktails does something ;)

it's a nice day anyway, and if I can get out there before 3 o clock might enjoy some sunshine..