Saturday, November 30, 2013

Enough already!

This time of year.. it's just too much. I'm just too old for it.. (*snorts*)

Hannukah, Thanksgiving, birthday, and all those others, I"m sure there are some, even though I don't celebrate them all they're still there...

had enough of it!

oh yeah went out last night.. may have drank too much, harrassed some kids (honestly get the f off my ffing lawn what is wrong with you people) into playing Billy Idol at this party after trying to explain who he is and made it home on the same tram as 3 other of my fellow revelers though we'd all been doing our separate things for the last hour and..

ok it was awesome.. today was "consequence time" and you can tell that we had a fine fucking time last night due to our inability to get out of bed for most of the day.

But it's enough... this partying and holidaying and reveling and festiving and all that is for the kids and if I have not banged on about it anywhere near enough already then I'm telling you now that I'm no kid.

Yeah well.. it's December tomorrow so, I may go hibernate.

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