Sunday, November 17, 2013

This day, today.

These days, things are different. Than they used to be anyway. If  you listen to popular opinion, not for the better, in fact few eras seem to be more slandered than "these days". Much like the constant "them" that are always banging on about something, there is always something fucked up about these days.. there's too much crime, kids don't respect their elders, music just isn't any good anymore etc etc. It seems as though these days, mostly suck.

I don't necessarily agree, I think there are some positives, at least in my particular limited experience of where I am and the company I keep, for instance, I think that, if I were to go out and about doing my business, draped head to toe in velvet, then it would be, well maybe not socially acceptable, but out of the people who actually notice, and the few out of those people who actually care in the slightest, the majority of those would just think.. "oh, that's slightly odd" and walk by with merely a glance. of course, I'm not currently employed so as I said before, it's limited to my experience.

Still, you couldn't always say that, back in 1989, for instance, on this day things might be different, depending on where in the world you are, the company you keep etc etc. Now if you were right here, in Prague, or in fact anywhere in what was then Czechoslovakia, you likely get nary a glance, there was too much going on. Flag waving, key shaking, shouting and people, oh so many people, in every public square, demanding change, revolution, all that. That and the fact that this particular fabric was pretty well liked at the time, or so it seems, so much, that they named the revolution after it. You think they would consider it appropriate for one to drape oneself so, at such a time.

So on this day, that day, was a pretty big day. One that changed everything. Perhaps things didn't change quite on that day, except for the whole one in a life time event that occurred on that day (and well sorta on days surrounding it that culminated in this day being such a big deal) but it certainly changed things, and they did change pretty rapidly in the coming years, and kept changing, a little less rapidly by the time I showed up, and still less in more recent years, but.. they are a still changin.

And it is different, even from when I first got here. A lot more vegetarian and vegan restaurants for one thing, though that changed mostly in the last 2 years but of course there are more changes. Today things are different, tomorrow they'll be different again, it's just like that.

Today, that is this actual day, is a Sunday, so the fact that it's also a national holiday is kind of useless. Today, also the city was draped in a velvet fog (no, not that Velvet Fog) that was quite lovely in a way though obscuring certain details, and unusual in that it didn't lift all day. Fitting, one would think.. a coincidence? I think not! Ok, probably, but I haven't seen fog like this since.. lat year, at least, or at least since earlier this year during the long winter, although I think the last time we had fog like this  that just enveloped the city and wouldn't lift was November 2 years ago, which turned out to be a bad case of smog, which it most likely is again so I perhaps shouldn't be getting too romantic about it.

In any case, velvet jumpsuits, now there's an idea.


Ronald said...

I was a bit miffed with the 'revolution' and the renaming of the country. Early in my life I learned how to spell Czechoslovakia and it was kind of a party-piece, at least till I was in my forties (I've since moved in more learned and well-educated circles) but anyway, the Czech Republic is kind of not in the same league spelling-wise, although the spelling of "Czech" is what used to stump people, so I spose it's still awkward, though it's two words, and who asks people to spell two words?

Velvet jump suits? And you? You sure know how to grab a bloke's attention.


Michelle said...

Sorry bout the name change, it's not so much a name change as a country split into two and therefore well, each country needed a name that not only reflected it's people and history etc but were also not the name of the previous country, which was basically made up of the 2 er.. countries, regions whatever, but yeah, I'd prefer if they went with Czechia, or something like that rather than the rather boring and stuffy sounding "Czech Republic", but who listens to me?

Regarding the jumpsuits, I've looked around the internet, well, as much as typed it into google, and it is yes, a thing, though the ones I saw I don't like, they're too 80s rich stylish Dynasty looking model looking for my tastes, and though I'm fond of a lot from the 80s, certain things like mainstream stadium rock, blow dried fringes and the aforementioned, are not among them.. so, I'll have to design some that are more suitable.
*gets to work on that*
*as if*

Michelle said...

hey wait.. how about our uniforms? they could be velvet couldn't they? I don't know if it's very practical but, we were looking for stylish..

now how about the colour?

oh wait.. Velvet Revolution has already been done? Does that mean that our rev that's about whatever it is can't have military uniforms made from Velvet? What are the rules with this?

This is gonna take a lot more thought.

Ronald said...

No purple! It's a uniform, not a cellphone!

Michelle said...

Ok, how about a nice shade of blue then? Some nice peach/apricot shade?

Should it have patterns, stripes or spots?

Ronald said...

Oooh, I like blue (most guys do, allegedly) and there's a song called Blue Velvet, which just has to be a sign. So how about that, not forgetting the pleats?

It's work-eve so I'm off to bed. Have a good evening/night.

Michelle said...

ok, so blue velvet it is!

we're getting somewhere, now, how to work pleats into velvet.. can it be done? well, we'll make sure it's done dammit!

now I'm really excited about designing the hat.. hmmm..

oh and good night, get some good sleep