Friday, November 08, 2013

And another week comes to a close.

Not that it makes any difference to me.. Monday, I hang around here, do nothing, Tuesday, much the same. Wednesday, possibly I go out, get some stuff, take a photo of a leaf, depending on if it's nice out there and if I can be bothered, Thursday.. etc etc etc.

So yeah it's Friday. End o week. Just came back up from the bar after having 1 1/2 more beer than I intended to talking to a friend who's most likely leaving soon and almost meeting some guy called Blane who used to play the guitar with Cake, and possibly Sonic Youth.

And now well.. the weekend. Much the same as the week really, and I totally, seriously intend to do the 8 to 180 things I absolutely want to or have to do to get my life in some kind of resemblance to order.

Next week will be the week. After almost 40 years (about 3 weeks shy of it) that will be the week.

Now is the weekend however.. time to.. do much the same as I do every other day of the week.


Ronald said...

I know it's a cliche, but in my case, I found that life did begin at 40. It had taken me all that time to realise, maybe there was more to Don than I'd previously, and life-stuntingly thought? Not that I suddenly did great things, engaging in dare-devil stunts, or writing great novels... I just thought differently, about myself, and the world. Anyway, in my opinion, in the case of females, forty is the "interesting" age - youthful, yet experienced. Great company.

I know you're not complaining about the upcoming big F, but I thought I'd say this in case you secretly needed a boost (and also because if I think of something to 'flesh out' a comment, I will almost certainly include it, no matter how insensitive). Anyway, I was jus' sayin', that's all.

Michelle said...

Well, I know there's something to it, 40 is still pretty young, especially in our modern times and you're at an age when you've experienced stuff.. not that you haven't by earlier times but for some reason 40 is a marker of.. I dunno, I guess that's when normal people have kids who are grown up so it means something, in any case, I'm sure I'll survive it, and once the transition period is over it will just be.. business as usual..

hopefully there'll be some great new buzz on life and I'll finally get on with stuff but, I'll see.

Ronald said...

Seems to me, "back in the day", middle-age hadn't been invented, and forty-somethings were "the old people", staring death in the face. But now, like you say, everything's changed and nowadays, people stay remarkably young, even those of my age (puffs out chest and preens himself). Anyway, I'm sure something will turn up as long as you don't close to your mind to stuff :)

Michelle said...

ok.. *tries not to close mind to stuff and stuff*