Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Out there.

The world is big. It is. I mean, it's all relative, and compared to the size of the universe and indeed compared to other planets, it's either of average size or downright tiny, but the world is big, it just is.

The whole thing is pretty big, even if you limit that to just this planet which for the most part, is all humans have, and really, it's about as much as we can deal with, I reckon, sometimes even too much, most our lives seems to be stuck in one tiny part of one of the divided up sections of what in some ways is a relatively tiny planet.

Sometimes, you find yourself traveling large distances in one go, modern humans do this often. I have friend doing that right now, someone who's been quite an important part of my life for many years, even those 2 or so years that he was away during those years. Well last night we saw him for the lat time, this time around anyway.. before he went downstairs for a few more drinks before going home to sleep to get up to get ready to go up into the air and travel a large distance in one and a bit days. Less than 24 hours, from this very flat, to somewhere over Eastern Canada, where I'm by my amazing sense of deduction plus internet flight tracking am presuming he is right now*. So, big earth.

I on the other hand, have gone as far as down half a flight of steps outside the door so far today. That's just me, out there, even on the street below is an adventure for the likes of me. I wasn't always like this, that is, I'm not always like this, but, I am like this.

Now compared to Cooley, I do travel much further and more often. She doesn't get out that much though she does have an appointment today, which hopefully will go smoothly. We're going to the vet. So yes, I will get out, but won't actually get any further than Cooley the indoor cat gets today. Anyway, we did this last week, after an appointment with the vet to look at her eyes, when she said we need to bring her in at least once a week to get her used to it, and her. Her being the cat and her being the vet, I hope you can follow.

Anyway, last week wasn't so bad, Cooley didn't like it and was nervous but less so than last time she went to the vet, which was ages ago, and actually got very curious and excited in this brand new room that she got to explore. Hopefully there'll be more of that today, and less of the just being scared of shit. The whole idea is to get it all of that, and none of the other, but that will take time.

*assuming he made the flight, it may have been more than just a few drinks, but we'd probably know by now if he didn't make it.


Ronald said...

It's good to travel, but then, if you're up to it (and many are not) it's good to have one's own company and enjoy that other world, the inner one. Often, it can be all you need and all you want, just yourself, warmth, some drink, an Internet connection, and of course, the cat. But other times we need, or at least it seems that way (though sometimes I wonder) we need other people, or a person, an intimate, a confident, and we need to connect. Not that I've got any impressive theory as to why we need this, it seems that we just do. Then sometimes we just need to be in the crowd, part of it, part of the teeming masses in the city. To wander alone, maybe engaging in smalltalk for brief period, but not really engaging with anyone, just enjoying being part of something. It's about as close as I'll ever get to being in a club. And now I'm rambling. Anyway, it's a thoughtful post.

Give my love to Cooley.

Michelle said...


It felt like a bunch of kind of disjointed thoughts, but I guess that counts as thoughtful..

We're back from the vet, thank goodness... she's getting better, she seemed calmer than last week, let the vet pet her and Cooley seemed quite comfortable with her.. until.. dum da da dum..

until it was time to go home. Erik tried to put her in the cage, that failed.. then again, failed again. It took a long time, she found a little spot in a corner where there was a bunch of dry cat food packets.. of course :) and burrowed herself behind them in a little spot and Erik had to move them all and grab her out.. a few times, she got all hissy and pissed off and scratched the hell out of him.

Finally the vet tried some trick and got her in right away.. some jobs just need a professional ;)

anyway, back home and she gets out of the cage and 5 minutes later she forgets the whole thing. She's fine now.