Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sticking with it still.

Fuck I've been doing this for a long time. A long time is relative of course, and why do I feel a sense of dejavu saying that? *scratches head*. Blogging, it's blogging I refer to, specifically writing in this blog, this very one. It's not the first one, I had one earlier for a while on some weird unknown platform, but then late '05 I changed to this one and well.. there have been ups and downs and periods without many entries, but I still write, and I still write here, and I haven't zapped this blog and the one that replaced it and then the one I decided to start some time after that and then another one etc etc etc, not that anyone in particular does that, why am I even mentioning it, but I haven't done it.

Having so much in the archives allows me to see quite a few entries done on this very date, some of those years, strange the last one, 2011 is me merely mentioning I have nothing to say, another I had is about a dream I had about being in the mist, one of my dorky word nerd entries and some stuff about going to student film castings. Skimming through these posts it let's me see how little has changed in a lot of ways, as well as some of the utter crap I put in here sometimes, and all those many insignificant things I've forgotten that were such a big deal at the time, which are similar in so many ways to other things I've forgotten which once meant so much. A lot of grumbling, mostly grumbling, and being on the November page, I get to see at the top of every page, my annual birthday entry, lamenting the thought that I'm now nearing the mid 30s, in my mid 30s, getting to the late 30s, definitely officially late 30s and I really should be like, grown up or something by now, except for 2007. That year there is no entry for that date, no idea why. I wonder what I'll write about on my birthday this year?

*ponders that for a while*


Ronald said...

Yeah, you should be grown up and all that... you should be ashamed of yourself, not being all serious, grave, and sober like... like wot I am!

Michelle said...

Oh don't worry.. I am. *cowers and gives that "ashamed" face that dogs get when they know they're in trouble for something*.