Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Chestnut Season

I don't know if it is or not, well I guess it sort of is, in the Northern Hem being Autumn and general harvest season and I remember seeing some lying around this time of year, but that's beside the point. I use that title because I'm relying on an old chestnut that I used to visit often, if I'm using the saying correctly which I almost certainly am not, along with some incorrect metaphors or some other idiom if that's even the right word for what it is if it's anything. 

I'll just get to the point.

Word o' the day is: 

adscititious: added or derived from an external source; additional.

These were significant appendages, to be sure; not altogether adscititious .
-- Ameen Rihani, The Book of Khalid , 2012
His delineations of character and action, if executed with ability, will have a raciness and freshness about them, which will attest their fidelity, the secret charm, which belongs to truth and nature, and with which even the finest genius cannot invest a system, of adscititious  and imaginary manners.
-- Catharine Maria Sedgwick, Clarence , 2011
Adscititious  comes from the Latin word adsc─źtus  which meant "derived, assumed, foreign."

So, literally every word that's ever existed in every language ever, if you want to be technical. Maybe except for "ug". I suppose some words are more adscititious than others. Just as well I don't have much use for it, it's a pain to spell, and it's obviously a not well enough known word for spellcheckers to recognize, either that or I'm typing it incorrectly every time, which is quite possible. 


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