Saturday, November 16, 2013

Lazy Day

Today could be classed as one of those. It's a kind of, after night out staying in Saturday although the beginning of the day, that is the 4 or 5 or so hours that were daylight were pretty nice, if most likely cold, where you don't do any of the things you meant to do, like, go outside for instance, stock up on stuff and edit that video finally.

It's possible a tiny bit may be done on the last one, but anything to do with daylight is over, being after 5pm so obviously well after the cutoff for that.

So, it's that sort of lazy day, unlike the other kind of lazy day which is the "not after a night out not weekend lazy day where I generally don't do anything" as most days are.

Yesterday would be considered a lazy day, as I didn't do a damn thing, but I found it quite a busy day, it took me ages to get around to having that second coffee for reasons anyone reading this, assuming (I'm pretty sure correctly) that consists of exactly one person, will know.

It's still early evening so who knows, might do something, like, watch a movie perhaps? Is that lazy? I'm not sure I now anymore, anything I manage to get myself involved in is sure to be lazy, it's just a matter of degrees really.

Tomorrow is Sunday, so you know, I have excuses for what kind of day that will turn out to be.


Ronald said...

Well, unless some other inconsiderate and intrusive fucker turned up today, I bet you've easily managed your quota (and possibly more) of coffee.

I know what you mean when you distinguish between lazy days. Fridays and Sundays are my total chill-out days (though I should be doing lots of stuff, especially in the front and back garden to prepare them for the winter, though it's already upon us, so I guess I can leave it now). As for lazy days after a night out, I tend not to have those any more. Anyway, today, though part of my three day weekend, it's the day I have to go tend to mom, that woman who thinks that being almost 95 years old is an excuse to have me not only drop over, shop and "cook" for her, but to stay overnight too! Fortunately, I'm "connected" here, so I get to talk to people and do stuff in between slaving away for the old girl.

Enjoy your evening, I hope it's truly slothful.

Michelle said...

Oh I'm having a lovely time, doing not much at all, watched the last bit of a movie and then watched the very beginning of one before that particular stream went offline, now I'm, not sure.. well, here commenting on comment of a post I wrote.

Guess I wrote a blog post, that's somewhat productive. Of course, it's all relative.

Hope you have a nice weekend there where you are.

Michelle said...

It may not surprise you to know that I've succeeded in being completely lazy today as well.

Ronald said...

Congratulations. I did too, as best I could. I spent the first half at moms (having stayed overnight) but after preparing her breakfast and making her a couple of beverages, I got down to the serious business of firing up my laptop and staring. Now I'm home and still staring. Kind of. Though I did Skype a little earlier.

I'll comment on your latest post when I'm inspired. It's imminent... I think.

Glad to hear you're well.