Thursday, November 28, 2013

And the sun goes down.

It's just after 16:00 and the sun has set on that decade of mine that I call the 30s. Some people would say 30's, but I say 30s, deal with it. Never again shall I walk in the sun as a 30 something. *gets all wistful and stuff*

I wasn't going to write about the upcoming changing o age that is coming up, as I've said absolutely everything there is to say about it, and more, numerous times, already, I was going to write about something completely unrelated, like, how on the weather they say it's a certain temperature but feels like another, I mean how can it feel like one thing but really be colder? If it's -1 then whatever that feels like is what feels like -1, and how come it's always lower when it's already cold? If it's -3 degrees, it doesn't have to feel like yet another 3 degrees colder? Of course, when it's 35 degrees, it feels like 38, but anyway, not the point.. as I was saying, temptation of musing on the poignancy of the sun setting on this 30s which is the new 20s and that's at least an 80s 20s so it's more like a late teens to early ish 20s if you're going back to a time when grownups were grownups and it's time for me to to stop goofing about and.. get a mortgage and a couple of grown up kids.. or something... was too much to resist. So I wrote about that. And I have nothing else to say about it now. Finally. See you when I'm 40 ;). 


Ronald said...

I'm confused. Are you forty now or what? If so then most sincere felicitations on this grand day. If not, then save it for when the day comes. Okay?

Sorry for missing a few posts but this time of year I'm susceptible to that melancholy that you might have heard of - SAD.

Had a migraine yesterday (wistful sound of violins in background) and today, I'm still not fully recovered, so excuse me for not reading your previous entries. I'll give it a bash tomorrow.

Hope you're well.

Michelle said...

I'm quite well thanks, and my birthday is tomorrow, though in Eastern Australia it's already tomorrow so.. there you go.

Sorry you're feeling so.. glum.. yeah, the whole lack of light thing is a pain, particularly when the few hours of light you get are quite grey, as they have been.. I've had enough of it already but it's only just starting.

*curses migrane out and stuff* there, it's gone. It is.

Ronald said...

I will have to go check out your latest 'selfies' on flickr, to see if you don't, as they say, "look a day older than... ". Well, it's what you say isn't it?

You're a sweetie getting rid of my migraine. Did you do it all theatrically like in, "begone, foul ague!", and waggle your arms about a lot?

Michelle said...

Oh of course, except I called it a plague, and I said "away with ye" instead of begone. The sentiment is much the same though, and yes, I waggled my arms.