Friday, November 22, 2013

Not Yet On Earth

That's my answer. Not close to being born yet, actually. Just in case anybody asks the "where were you?" question in relation to the now 50 years past Kennedy Assassination.

50 years... 50 fucking years, time does sure fly, not that I remember it because I was, as I said, not fucking born yet. it's unlikely anyone would ask, seeing as it's not really such a big deal where I am, and well.. the bloody obvious, but if anyone does well.. blood will flow as it's pretty obvious I wasn't around yet.. my 30s people.. I'm in my 30s!

Yes I am turning a rather significant historical anniversary about something horrid all about myself, is there something wrong with that? Surely by now it's been long enough.. I mean, who even remembers that? You'd have to be real old..

If I had been around my answer would probably be something really boring like, was home and then heard the news on tv, or in a shop and heard the news on the radio, or.. kinda like my answer to the same question relative to more recent events, that I not only was alive to experience but am old enough to remember.. not something that was like.. mid last century, which of course I wasn't even around for cos like.. I'm in my 30s.. still in my 30s!!!

Yes I am going to keep saying that until it's not valid anymore. Surely I can have at least that.

Oh and Happy Doctor Who, he's about 50 too now I gather. I might drink to that one, not that I ever watched it or anything, but you know, drinks.


Ronald said...

Yeah, I know what you mean, like most of us were around at that time? Yeah, sure! *puts on indignant air*

Ronald said...

Fucking hell? You really that old? I'm outta here... *hotfoots out of this blog*

Michelle said...

um.. well, yanno.. my 30s man.. 30s

I know it's not that old.. just, slightly older than what I happen to be, which obviously isn't old..

though it is all relative

Ronald said...

*tries not to frown so forehead is not wrinkled, in frantic attempt to look young*