Sunday, November 24, 2013

Restful, restful Sunday.

That's how they're supposed to be so it's fitting. And as usual on a Sunday I did not much, and as usual for any day for me I did, nothing really. So relaxing, lazy and qui... *insert overused and imho quite outdated record scratching sound effect*

Ok not quiet. Had a dude come over to scare the cat. Well that wasn't his reason to come by, it was to put up shelves. He was a bit late, and then needed to go get some screws or something, so left to come back later.. this is like a rule for worker and fixit dudes here, without fail, at some point during their job, usually near the beginning, they need to leave to go get something and come back to finish the job, you'd think they'd figure out what kind of tools they need for a particular job after years of doing this but somehow it never sticks. Anyway, Erik had to go look at a monitor someone had cos I stole his other one for this computer after the one I was using on this one died and it was getting late, so off he went, even though I wasn't really sure how he wanted the shelves or where a lot of things are because he keeps moving things around and hiding everything, but whatever. I managed alright, even though the job this guy was a kind of interactive handyman, I had to figure out where to put the shelves, see if they were even, hold stuff, find an extra extension cord and when I couldn't because they all get moved, ie hidden all the time I took a bunch of things out of the one at our coffee station as I like to call it before we realized there was an outlet right by the spot he was working which I knew but I didn't think of at the time because I was too busy running around like a headless chicken trying to find another cord. Oh well. And it was really noisy, yeah, Cooley didn't like that, and well.. I wasn't overly fond of it. No one likes the sound of a drill. Well I don't know, I'm sure someone out there particularly likes it, there are exceptions to everything.

It did go ok and the shelves look good at least until they fall down which I hope they won't do, but that's my exciting day. Oh and I went out to lunch, well across the road and they forgot about my order and I had to wait for ages, and everyone else had already got there before me so I felt like I was holding everyone up, but I guess no one minded, and they made up for it, at the restaurant. It was actually a very pleasant lunch.

Tomorrow more stuff is being done, we're having a plumber wake us up at the crack of dawn, well 9am but you know, to come in and clink and clang and mess around with pipes and hopefully fix our leaky tap.

Life here sure is exciting :/

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