Saturday, November 23, 2013

Going Places.

I was just thinking about traveling. Not really all that much, I read something that reminded me of somewhere I went and decided I'd write about it, so I did think about it a little, mostly recently I've been thinking of all sorts of things, the strange things people say, and do, and how they respond to you when you're out and about, like, when you try to do right by a complete strange and somehow that causes you to annoy another complete strange who makes their annoyance known. Or people and their weird ideologies, like robbing big chain pharmacies because capitalism, or something.. toilet line overhear that was btw... as well as people who feel so strongly about their ideologies that they make 2.4 hour long movies about them talking about it, whatever it is, interspersed with clips of stuff.. done well it can be good, done averagely it can be.. let's just say long. Oh and Jesus, cos of the  movie, wondering if he was a kind of plot to get more people into the Jewish god by making him more human or something, like everyone else's gods but not as much as an asshole, as either their gods, or their own god god, the king god rather than the dude god they allegedly made up.

But yeah, going places. Haven't done that for a while. Hopefully will next year, possibly even still this year, that would be nice. A warm place for January.. *picture blurs and goes into dream mode*

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