Tuesday, November 26, 2013

And the excitement never ends..

Still gotta use the upstairs flat to use the loo. Well, to use a proper loo anyway. I actually managed to open the door, well the gate in front of the door after a while. Oh, I had trouble unlocking it at first, and then again, and again, but then I figured it out.

It's quite cool up there, really weird to go up to an empty flat on my own, and of course taking the opportunity to check it all out, go to all the rooms including the weird storage attic room off the upstairs bit up the stairs. Felt like a real estate agent or something. Lovely view from up there, well it's our view, just slightly higher though different windows or off a balcony.

Vet night again, Cooley is getting used to the office there and was ok again tonight, though spending a bit more time in her hiding place behind all the pet food, mostly because the nurse was in the room with us instead o the vet who she knows pretty well by now, and other people came in and out a few times, but she's used to being there, sorta.. but when it came time to go back in the cage it was something of a debacle. The first week, Erik tried once and failed and the second time was ok. The next week, he floundered around trying to get her in the cage where she discovered her new hiding place, behind the pet food and felt somewhat chumpish and got scratched and hissed at and had no luck. Then the vet got her in the cage right away through some handy trick one would expect a vet picks up over the years. Today, Erik tried, failed and then said yeah you do it.. and the vet tried and failed numerous times to get her in there, and got hissed and growled at for her troubles. Now we really have to do our homework of getting Cooley used to the cage.. we did a good job of our other homeworks over the last week, but not so much that one. Then we went ot a bar, then had another beer, though I'm sure it's not at all noticeable, NOT!

Tomorrow is Hannukah, then what has been referred to as "a bullshit American holiday" by one of my friends who is currently at large, or at least not online to communicate with me.. Thanksgiving that one is, probably won't be celebrating that one so much as well.. no one eats turkey and the dolphins aren't playing and then.. yeah the big day I've been banging on about way too much, will get to that more then, don't you worry about that.

I feel like all this blog has been is me going on about the somewhat boring if mildly unusual minutaea of my day.. not sure how I feel about that. Ideally it would be something more.. less crappy, but what can you do.

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