Saturday, November 02, 2013

I accept!

Yes, I am accepting the challenge I have been given. What challenge? I hear you ask. Well, the one I was just given, that is, the one I sorta made up about a week ago or so and decided I might probably do, when the moth started.

It's quite simple and dates back to that post in late-ish October where I lamented the lack of recent posts, you know the one before the posts began getting less rare although still not exactly frequent and thought oh.. when November comes around I should say, start a thing where I write at least one post every day for that month.

So when this moth began, yesterday, I wrote about something else, but I posted, and today I'm posting too, about this whole plan of mine, which, hopefully I will fulfill barring forgetting to post one day or having a computer or internet mishap or having absolutely nothing to write about to the point where I don't write anything (unlikely) or just deciding that I couldn't be bothered to do it or perhaps another reason, but that's what I plan to do. Get myself back into the habit of writing, I guess, and see what comes of it.


Ronald said...

But then again, you could have another go at the challenge of "not writing posts every day for a month!". It's easier, trust me.

I was on the verge of posting, not half an hour ago, then, characteristically, I looked for a distraction, and thought, "I'll go and 'feed' The Kat!". So here I am.

Michelle said...

I might try that next month, this month, this is the one I'm doing.

*gets all determined and stuff*

Ronald said...

I feel your determination... oooerrr!

Michelle said...

*clenches fists, gets determined look on face*