Sunday, November 03, 2013

Dreary days are here to stay.

It's that time of year. Of course it is because it always is, not only is it always some time of year, but it seems like it's always that time f year, you know, its changing, days are getting shorter (or longer depending on which side you're coming out of) and things are just.. bleah.. or ok to well but at the moment they're kind of.. eh..

it's November.. we know we know we know! After the time change, late autumn rapidly approaching winter... getting set in for that long line of cold/dark months. If you're in the Northern Hemisphere anyway, and a part of it that is far enough from the equator to have seasons, which I am, both.

And it's been one of those weekends, drizzly, grey and drab. As far as my personal activity and surroundings, much the same, just a nothing couple of days. Sure Friday was interesting if you want to call it that, starting with trying to get the cat to the vet but being unable to get her in the cage and scoring a nice deep scratch on the hand for it. Then getting a call from a friend to help with this other friend in a bar nearby.. he, the other friend had passed out, after a night and morning and early afternoon of drinking and nobody could move him. So we went down there and just waited for it to be possible to get him out of there, along with some prodding and urging and pretending to be the police. I know it sounds like a lot to complain about being in a bar having beer with friends of an afternoon, but when your stuck there, and you have no idea how long you'll have to wait and really, it's kind of a shitty place well.. you complain about it. still, the most exciting day I've had for.. I don't know.

Yesterday Erik was away all day doing another scene for Descending Roads, I movie I worked on last yeasr through knowing someone from a play I did, that I did a shitty job of something I really didn't want to do on, and Erik got a small role that turned into a slightly bigger one.. and I've done pretty much nothing the whole year no I'm not bitter why do you ask? Well anyway, I did nothing all day. And today well.. see yesterday. My fault, my own pathetic inability to get out there and.. well what exactly? But still, my fault.

So I'm in a bit of a funk at the moment, a mood, a tizzy, well not a tizzy just a.. I think funk covers it. Jeez it took a lot of words to say just that. At least that's something I'm not short on.


Ronald said...

Oh god, yeah... tell me about it! THAT time of year again. I've started meditating to try and get through it. Ugh! I'm all funked up too!

Michelle said...

Yeah... got to come up with something to soothe the long darkness myself, something a bit different than drinking a fair bit more than usual which is quite enough as it is thank you very much... :/