Friday, May 29, 2009

Damn modern technology stuffs

The damn washing machine still isn't working. I tried banging it? Numerous times and it still won't work! Bloody hell. I remember in the old days whenever something didn't work, all it needed was a good old slap. One singular bang, on the side somewhere, and voila! It worked. Always. Without fail. No exceptions. This new fangled thing however.. nothing. Still just won't do it. Well it starts but it stops before it does anything, or anything useful anyway.

Fuck! What's the world come to when the age old remedy of "the bang" doesn't fix things immediately anymore? Aren't these things supposed to be better? Why did they work so well int the olden days? Am I just remembering it through rosy coloured doesn't really have to use the things cos mum does it glasses? Doesn't really matter, what really matters is that my fucking washing machine still doesn't fucking work and I have all these cat pissed things to wash. Fuck. This fucking sucks, and she's still doing it by the way. Hope she stops it when her daddy comes home, which fortunately is soon, though he's going to need something to sleep on, which might prove to be a problem. Fuck!

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