Saturday, May 02, 2009

*falls asleep*

Actually I wish I could, I could use some sleep from now until about 5pm. Last night we shot from 22:00 (that was the time I showed up anyway) to 5am. I got there at 8, the dude was there earlier because his beaten up looking homeless guy makeup takes a long time. It was about 10 before we shot anything because of the setup of all the lights and everything. It was probably midnight before I was needed for anything.

The night was long. I had to wear that uncomfortable outfit and those damn shoes again. First I had a simple scene to do where I walk up the stairs and then notice something and look at it... it was terrible.. I just couldn't make it seem natural. First I was walking too clumsily in the shoes... wonder why, and the director gave me all these specific instructions on how to move my hands or where to stop and turn and then was dissatisfied with it.. it looked unnatural, gee wonder why. I went through it many times and after a while I was completely unable to do any character thing whatsoever.. and was getting tired and feeling pressured. I tried to do it "my own way" meaning I walk how I walk but that was utterly flat and devoid of any spark as well.. partly because I'd done it so many times and party because.. well maybe I'm just no good at this stuff, in fact I'm certain of it. Anyway.. finally I did it slightly different, very simple, just stopped and turned a different way and he liked it. It felt just as unnatural to me as all the other versions, but whatevs. Then we set up to film.. everyone came out, the sound dude, the light dude, and the other actor and we went through it once... and then again because that's what you do, again because there was a bit of sound that wasn't meant to be in one, so again, and all the lights went out. It was all hooked up to the electric in the flat and there was like 4 lights and a camera and whatsits so it was too much for it..

so we had a break and waited for the lights to cool down and be usable again.

So we set up again, and did it once, did it again because that's what you do, did it again for safety, and then a few more times for one reason or another. Then we filmed the same scene but from a different angle... after they'd reset everything.

We filmed more scenes, a sequence that we rehearsed in one was cut up into about 4 scenes and we filmed them from about 3 different angles each.. it was difficult to stay in character and be natural when it was all so cut up, so my acting pretty much sucked in all the filmed scenes, I don't mind most of it except for the one where I say a line.. and all the takes that seemed "good" from the other side of the camera's point of view sounded terrible to me.

I spent hours, on and off in those bloody shoes and had to carry a paper bag the old fashioned way, under my left arm, but of course no one uses those sorts of bags here so we got one that looks like that sort of bag if you cover up the handles and my hand aches from holding it in that weird position so much.

The electricity went out twice more during the night. We meant to film about 9 scenes, I think we got 4 done. We were supposed to go until 3 at the latest and finished at 5. By that time I didn't mind so much, at least I could walk home in daylight.

I came in to a hungry cat screaming for food.. or possibly she was saying "where's my daddy???" and give me some food :). I slept a bit earlier but I can't really sleep in the day. And I ache. Back, feet and left arm. I could complain more and probably will at a later time, but that's enough for now :)

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