Saturday, May 30, 2009


This month of solitude is almost over. I will have company again!

Well.. I have had a bit of the month busy with people.. and just hanging out with people though the hanging out happened exactly twice. And there's the kitty. You're never alone when there's a little furry thing that demands as much attention as your average 2 year old, which makes sense as she is 2, but generally people refer to non furry 2 year olds when they speak of such things, and this one is furry. We have bonded over the month though, but I'm sure she'll be happy when her daddy gets back. She might snob him off for the obligatory few hours/day but she'll be happy again. I hope.

It's a good thing, him coming back.. I look forward, but as I might have mentioned before, I've really let this place go, and it's sort of come upon me rather quickly, the return. The incident with the cat piss and the washing machine hasn't helped, held me up a lot.. and I've been a bit ambitious with how clean I want to get the place, which means I've turned everything upside down and it's a bigger mess than it ever was...

however.. it's getting done and it will be done. I just have to do a bunch more things today, especially if I don't want to have to do any tomorrow which I don't.

Ok, enough of that, back to work.

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