Wednesday, May 13, 2009



Well, I'm back. And it's before 5pm, that went quick, I hear you say.

Ha! As if.

So, a few hours ago I left to shoot more scenes, or rather reshoot a scene that wasn't good enough the first time we did it. Whatever, I got there at 3, the scheduled time. I sent an sms but no answer. A few minutes later I got a message from director dude saying he was running late, be there soon.

Ok, whatev.. I went to get myself a snack. I returned and Jarka the makeup artist was there. She wasn't so pleased to to hear he was running late, seeing as she needed to go somewhere else afterwards, and this was the reason why we'd changed the time from 5:00 to 3:00, and why I'd been quite particular about being there on time. We waited. No one showed up, but about 15 past I got a phone call, he said he was on the way.

We waited and waited and waited. She made some phone calls saying she'd be late, or wouldn't be able to make it. I got a phone call again, he was stuck in traffic but I could just buzz the flat and they'd let me up. Why he didn't suggest that before I don't know, nor why I'd been smsing before every time I went there before I don't know. I went to press the name he told me and before I could the door made that "you can open me now, sign".

So we went up. Got comfy and she did my makeup. As soon as she finished he got here. Good timing! I thought.. no. Turns out he didn't have the lenses, or something and we couldn't shoot today at all.

After all that.

He did give me some money though, a fair bit which is as it should be considering everything. We have to reschedule again, he said probably Saturday, which sucks because I was hoping to have a relaxing, post film weekend, but on the other hand it's good because it's not a work day and it won't clash with all the other things I need to do which I'm further behind in because I didn't get any of it done today... of course if I'd known there'd be no shoot today I probably would have.

Doesn't really matter. I'm glad to be home now, mostly.


Ronald said...

Okay, how much dosh did you get? that's the important thing. I need to know if I'm talking to a woman of means or not. By he way, the punctuality of those folks is absolutely appalling.

Michelle said...

I got er.. about 5000kc, but I'm still owed a bit more, and there's still the scene we have to reshoot which will take however long it takes.