Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I think I understand "other people" a bit..

It's so beautiful, so white and magical and.. white and snowy and.. white.. yeah it snowed again. It's been doing that. It did it last week and then it kind of went away, snowed a little more then went away... then it went away and was grey and ugly for a few days and it continued cold but I thought, it's got to be over it.. got to be out of it's system now all there is left to do is for it to warm up, and bloom, and stuff. And it snowed. It's slightly warmer than it was but at this point I want weather that's appropriate for a different season altogether and nothing less. I mean, it is beautiful, if I'd gotten this 2 months or even a month ago, which I did, and quite a lot really.. I would be.. oh pretty. Ok by about the 4th week of having this regularly it was more like.. "oh, it's still snowing" *closes blinds* but you know, none of the grumbling that normal people do as soon as there's a hint of snow, none of the flashbacks to getting up at the crack of dawn to sweep tons of snow off the porch so dad can drive into town back in the old town.. but ya know.. it's kinda bugging me now.

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