Thursday, March 14, 2013

In the air.

I don't really do a whole lot of rereading posts from the past, every now and again I skim them, see what I was saying a year ago but.. really, what's the point. Mostly it's pretty much this, me writing about nothing in particular, and in particular how there's nothing going on, and occasionally how I'm looking forward to something or kinda sorta as close to determined as I get this time and yeah, I'll totally do it.. yeah.

Of course I don't, nothing changes and I keep writing the same thing. And this is where now comes in. There's something in the air. Not pollen, not that I've noticed but, there does seem something springy going on. There was a bit of sunshine today, though it was freezing, and they're putting up all the easter shit in the square.. and I had a meeting which may turn into some kind of employment, and I'm possibly closer to having important documents I need for said employment than I was before someone said yeah they'd help.. next week, and there are some ideas I have for stuff I want to do..

it doesn't sound like much, but, who knows. In a month I'll still be sitting here, as I am, hopefully it'll be warmer and there'll be more than the couple of tiny yellow blossoms on one tree, and maybe I'll even be doing a test for some tour that I might be doing soon, but.. I don't think I'll scan back so I can read this post.

At least we have a pope again.. heady days they were without one.. however did we survive? And it's an old white guy with outdated conservative values.. so everyone can rest easy. And in other news, water still wet.

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