Thursday, March 21, 2013


Was not a good day today. I feel crummy, grumpy, gumpy and, I dunno. Well I did. It's not as bad now, but things will have to change at least a tiny bit for tomorrow not to be a repeat. Oh and it's still cold, going to get colder tomorrow and for the next few days.. spring? What spring? Grrr.. that's kind of vexing me too. Oh and I didn't do a single thing on my long long list of things that really totally need to be done like, right away.. which doesn't include a whole 'nother list of things I really really should do if I want like.. anything to be achieved at all of worth but obvs there's no time for that and anyway I didn't do any of it anyway. Yes, I said anyway twice. It's just been shitty ok.

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